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How to leverage automation, analytics and AI when attracting and retaining talent

17 Apr 2024
HR Tech Seminar Theatre 3

HR leaders are spending significantly more time year on year on attracting and retaining talent. With automation, analytics, and AI, HR teams can liberate themselves from processes and paperwork, freeing up more time to focus on the more strategic – and demonstrate bottom line value to the business. Join Join Hayley Purser (People and Culture Partner, Vectura Group) and Jorge Aisa Dreyfus (Sage EVP Talent, Capability and Culture) in a panel discussion moderated by Zeinab Lenton (Senior Product Marketing Manager).

Specific learning outcomes include:

•    How to use data and analytics to identify and attract qualified candidates more efficiently
•    Best practices for using AI and automation to remove bottlenecks in hiring and onboarding
•    Ways to leverage analytics to gain insights into employee sentiment, retention risks, and opportunities to improve the employee experience

Zeinab Lenton, Senior Product Marketing Manager, HR & Payroll - Sage
Hayley Purser, People & Culture Partner - Vectura Group
Jorge Aisa-Dreyfus, EVP Talent, Capability & Culture - Sage