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Keynote | A human-centric approach to technological change in HR

17 Apr 2024
HR Tech Keynote Theatre 1
Recognize the importance of a leadership mindset and embracing complexity for effective technological change in HR, focusing on the critical role of skill mapping for technological adoption. Understand the value of skills as strategic assets through engaging interactive questions and reflecting on personal and organizational skill awareness. Learn the difference between falling in love with technological solutions versus focusing on solving real HR problems, emphasizing the need for adoption over mere implementation. Discover real-world examples where skill mapping and a human-centric approach have transformed HR practices, leading to improved organizational outcomes. Gain insights into two approaches to skill mapping, advocating for a problem-focused strategy and the benefits of integrating human elements with technology for strategic HR orchestration.

In this session, participants will explore how a human-centric mindset is crucial for implementing technological change in HR, with a focus on skill mapping as technological adoption. Engaging participants through reflective questions, the presentation advocates for embracing complexity and valuing skills as strategic assets. It critiques the preference for solutions over problems, illustrating successful real-world examples of skill mapping. Highlighting two approaches to skill mapping, it recommends focusing on business challenges and adopting technology with a human perspective. The session emphasizes skills as organizational compass, urging HR to strategically orchestrate change by focusing on people and technology at the same time.

Maria Giovanna Vianello, Global Leadership Development Director - Novartis