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Making the shift to a people-centric experience

17 Apr 2024
HR Tech Seminar Theatre 4

Continuously evolving workplace cultures. Shifting employee expectations. Increasing demands on leaders and new approaches to how we think about work. In the face of a complicated HR landscape, how can companies create workplaces where all employees thrive?

Join Stuart Cheesman, Global Culture Strategist at O.C. Tanner, as we dive into the latest findings from O.C. Tanner’s Global Culture Report 2024 to see what the research reveals about changing employee trends and how you can practically apply them to your teams.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • What workplace flexibility really means to employees
  • How to turn empathy from an idea into a practice
  • How to ensure your employee experience initiatives address the needs of all your employees—not just a select few
  • What skill building and development look like in the modern workplace
  • How to build an adaptable and resilient workforce
Stuart Cheesman, Global Culture Strategist - O.C. Tanner