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Maximizing impact: Integrating Awardco into your HR ecosystem

17 Apr 2024
HR Tech Seminar Theatre 2

Dive into the specifics of integrating Awardco into your HR ecosystem with insights from CEO Steve Sonnenberg, Laura Shanley from DocuSign, and Sandy Shurin from Deloitte. Explore the seamless integration possibilities, uncover the power of data analytics for informed decision-making, and understand how Awardco strengthens and complements your existing HR technology stack. Learn about the holistic impact of rewards and recognition within organizations, supported by practical implementation strategies and success stories. This session equips participants with the knowledge and tools to optimize the integration of Awardco, maximizing its impact on employee engagement, productivity, and overall organizational success.

Steve Sonnenberg, CEO - Awardco
Sandy Shurin, Principal - Deloitte
Laura Shanley, Employee Experience Advisor - Laura Shanley Consulting