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Neuroscience unveiled: Breaking barriers to change

18 Apr 2024
HR Tech Seminar Theatre 1

This enlightening speech will take you on a fascinating exploration of the intricate relationship between neuroscience and the human resistance to change. Delving into the profound insights offered by the study of the brain, this presentation seeks to unravel the mysteries that often hinder our organization’s ability to embrace transformation; transformation of structure, technology and processes.

As we embark on a captivating journey into the complexities of the mind, we will uncover the neural mechanisms that underpin resistance to change and discover how a deeper understanding of neuroscience can be the key to overcoming these barriers. By connecting scientific principles with the never ending corporate reality of change, this speech aims to empower individuals and organizations to navigate the challenges of change with greater resilience and effectiveness.

Jennifer Irwin, Global CHRO - Think Best Practice