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Navigate the challenges in global payroll – Master the big 5 global payroll needs that can deliver impactful results for your organisation.

17 Apr 2024
HR Tech Seminar Theatre 2

Join activpayroll, a leader in global payroll and mobility solutions, as we unveil insights gathered from our extensive work with diverse global organisations aiming for payroll excellence.

Global payroll is fraught with complexities yet understanding them is pivotal for success. In this session, we distil the wisdom gained from listening to many global payroll experts and organisations, and how we have turned them into essential strategies, including the 'Big Five' non-negotiables that are key to unlocking a Global Payroll Experience.

Discover how to transform your global payroll experience to achieve unparalleled results by focusing on addressing these challenges.

Charlie Knox, Chief Technology and Customer Experience Officer - activpayroll
Stephen Wratten, Head of Product - activpayroll
Denis Reins, Tax and Global Mobility Partner - LIMES International