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Elevating global employee recognition: See Awardco’s latest features & integrations

18 Apr 2024
HR Tech Seminar Theatre 1

Join Awardco's CEO, Steve Sonnenberg, along with Laura Shanley from DocuSign and Sandy Shurin from Deloitte, in an interactive session showcasing the latest features and integrations of Awardco's cutting-edge platform. Through live demonstrations, participants will gain hands-on experience, navigating the platform's user-friendly interface and exploring customizable rewards and recognition options. Discover the seamless integration capabilities with various HR systems, understanding the importance of integration in optimizing recognition efficiency. The session aims to empower attendees to enhance their organization's culture of appreciation, regardless of their employees' global locations, by leveraging Awardco's innovative tools and features.

Steve Sonnenberg, CEO - Awardco
Sandy Shurin, Principal - Deloitte
Laura Shanley, Employee Experience Advisor - Laura Shanley Consulting