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The AI advantage: Real world benefits for skill-based organisations

18 Apr 2024
HR Tech Seminar Theatre 2

Reducing overhead, speeding up your skill-based projects, ensuring the currency of your work – in this session we share our experience at Lexonis of developing and working on real world applications and discuss where AI can have a significant impact on your skill-based initiatives.

  • Expedite skill-based job profile development and harness AI for consistency and contemporaneity.
  • Harness the value of skill taxonomies - why they remain indispensable for skill-based applications.
  • Validating AI outputs – why so critical and how to use them to win your business leaders over.
  • Engaging employees and key sponsors – what’s in it for them?
Andy Andrews, Director and Principal Consultant - Lexonis
Leah Prevost, Senior Consultant - Lexonis