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8 strategies for fostering employee connection at work

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8 strategies for fostering employee connection at work

Our teammates, work, and company inspire us to show up to work every day and do our best. Together, these three factors create employee connection, or the network of relationships, shared values, and emotional bonds formed within a workplace. When individuals feel connected to their company, they can experience improved job satisfaction, loyalty, productivity, and more.

Building a connected workplace has become more challenging in recent years. With in-office, hybrid, and fully remote talent, companies must innovate and adapt to create a successful employee connection strategy – but fostering these strong relationships is worth the effort.

In this article, we explore what employee connection is, why it’s important, and how your company can build a unique strategy and workplace culture that nurtures stronger ties with your team. Here’s your guide to nourishing these bonds and unlocking the full potential of your organization. 

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