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Our Candidate Experience Manifesto: "The Future of Hiring is Personal"

Inploi Hall: S9-S12 Stand: DD82
Alex Hanson-Smith
Our Candidate Experience Manifesto:
The future of hiring is personal

As the co-founder and Chief Technology & Product Officer at inploi, I'm here to declare a pivotal shift in our approach to the way we think about building hiring technology: The future of hiring is personal. It's a powerful statement, one that encapsulates a journey we have embarked upon —  a journey shaped by technological advancements and a profound understanding of human connection.

We Have Changed: The Digital and Personal Era

We're living in a digital era where expectations for engagement are sky-high. A Glassdoor research paper pointed out that a positive candidate experience can improve the quality of hires by 70%, yet over 60% of candidates are dissatisfied. This discrepancy is more than just a gap —  it's a chasm that demands our immediate attention.

The influence of personalisation is undeniable. From TikTok's intuitive algorithms to Spotify's tailored playlists, we've grown accustomed to a world that knows us, sometimes better than we know ourselves. Yet, when it comes to hiring, the inertia of outdated methods is holding us back. In an era where experience is king, failing to innovate in hiring risks not just talent but also the relevance of your brand.

Shifting Needs in a Digital Landscape

  • Functional Needs: Our perception of time has changed. The modern user experience, shaped by platforms like Netflix, TikTok and Instagram, have created an illusion of time scarcity. In this context, job candidates, especially those comprising the next generation, are seeking streamlined, mobile-optimised experiences. They are the swipe, tap, and snap generation, requiring short, digestible content. Any friction in this process— be it long forms or complicated structures — will lead to significant dropout. Furthermore, recognising that 1 in 7 UK employees are neurodiverse, it's imperative to embrace inclusive hiring practices. The diversity of cognitive abilities is not just a challenge but an opportunity to enrich our workplaces.
  • Emotional Needs: The traditional 9-5 job is undergoing a revolution. The next generation is increasingly disillusioned with the corporate world, seeking authenticity and purpose. Their “why should I work for you” attitude is shaped by the rise of side hustles and an environment where personal branding is as important as professional achievements. They seek jobs that resonate with them on a personal level, fulfilling their need to feel good, productive, and in control.
  • Social Needs: The desire to be part of a community, to connect with like-minded individuals, and to work in a company they can proudly talk about is stronger than ever. This isn't just about a pay check; it's about belonging and connection.

The Role of Technology in the Future of Hiring

AI and technology should not be seen as replacements for human interaction but as tools to enhance our efficiency. They enable us to focus on what truly matters— the human aspect of hiring. While AI can streamline processes, the irreplaceable value of human intuition in hiring cannot be understated. Some of the best hires we've made were not “the best” on paper but had the potential to excel, learn rapidly, and contribute positively to the team. Just like in online dating, algorithms might find you a match, but they can't replicate the spark of human connection.

The future of hiring is about striking a balance between leveraging technology and nurturing personal connections. It's about understanding and responding to the evolved needs of the modern candidate. At inploi, we are committed to leading this change, embracing innovation while holding onto the essence of what makes us human. Together, let's reshape the landscape of hiring into one that's not just efficient, but also deeply personal and profoundly human.