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Enabling your AI transformation journey with Microsoft Viva

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Enabling your AI transformation journey with Microsoft Viva

A year into working with Microsoft Copilot, we’ve learned a lot from our customers about how people are using AI at work. We’ve also learned from our own company-wide rollout to more than 200,000 employees—what’s working, where there are challenges, and what early behaviors can teach us about broader impacts to adoption and establishment of new work patterns. One of the biggest takeaways is that AI reinvention is a whole new way of working that involves both software and culture. It’s a cultural shift. Microsoft Viva empowers leaders and organizations to make that shift. We’re excited to announce new capabilities to help drive enterprise-wide adoption of Copilot, including the general availability of Microsoft Copilot Dashboard and Microsoft Copilot Academy, powered by Viva, which will be available to all Copilot for Microsoft 365 customers.

Microsoft Viva

Empower and engage your workforce with next-generation AI and insights in Microsoft Viva.

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Microsoft Copilot Dashboard is now generally available

The Microsoft Copilot Dashboard is an out of the box report designed for business leaders to easily understand the impact of Copilot for Microsoft 365 by providing privacy-protected insights across every stage of your AI transformation journey. Building on the initial release at Microsoft Ignite, which included readiness and usage data across Microsoft 365 apps, this release offers additional pivots that combine Copilot usage metrics with organizational context and collaboration data, enabling deeper views of adoption and impact. Copilot customers will have the flexibility to filter by attributes like department, teams, or roles, understand differences between groups, and compare those same measures between users and non-users. Viva Insights customers can use analyst workbench capabilities to dive deeper with custom reports, including incorporating data from other relevant sources. And for a limited time only, Copilot for Microsoft 365 customers will be eligible to access Viva Insights at no additional cost.  

We are also excited to announce that starting in 2024 Q3, the Copilot Dashboard will be available to all Copilot for Microsoft 365 customers at no additional cost and will not require a Viva license. You can access the dashboard in the Viva Insights app in Microsoft Teams or via the web app. Select the “Copilot Dashboard” option from the left navigation menu and start exploring results from your organization. Additionally, Copilot for Microsoft 365 customers will be eligible for a promotional offer that will provide access to all of Viva Insights, including Copilot Dashboard, as well as access to advanced insights and manager and leader insights. Contact your account team to learn more about how you can take advantage of this offer. 

In addition to having the right data-driven insights, successful AI reinvention often requires a change management strategy that includes arming employees with the right knowledge, developing clear and consistent communications, and understanding employee feedback to address any gaps or challenges. Microsoft Viva helps you develop employee skills, drive awareness, foster champions, and dig deeper into the impact of Copilot across your organization.  

Enable employees with AI knowledge and skills 

Our Work Trend Index showed that 82% of leaders said their employees will need new skills to be prepared for the growth of AI. I’m excited to announce the general availability of Microsoft Copilot Academy, where we’ve centralized those learning experiences for your organization to supercharge their Copilot skills. Copilot Academy is available in Viva Learning and starting in 2024 Q3, it will be available to all Copilot for Microsoft 365 customers at no additional cost and will not require a Viva license. 

The Copilot Academy includes curated learning paths designed by Microsoft experts to help your employees discover, learn about, and use Copilot experiences effectively. The initial release features a combination of standard generative-AI learning content (such as “Intro to prompts”) and a series of learning paths specific to Copilot for Microsoft 365 (such as “Summarize email threads with Copilot in Outlook”). We will continue to enhance Copilot Academy in the coming months, including hands-on experiences hosted by Copilot Lab in our next release.  

Copilot Academy is available in Viva Learning, your central hub for learning, so it’s easy for users to access, discover, and share within the Microsoft 365 tools they’re already using. It is preloaded and requires no admin setup or configuration, so your Microsoft 365 admins can focus on helping drive Copilot adoption. Check out our setup documentation to get started, and stay tuned for updates on content, experience, and feature enhancements coming soon. Additionally, to help our customers develop a skillset related to AI tool usage—like prompt engineering—we’ve developed a set of learning content available on Copilot Lab and Microsoft Learn that you can access today. 

Build excitement and momentum around Copilot

Getting the word out, often and early, about new technologies like AI is key to successful change management. With Viva Amplify, an internal communications platform, you can elevate your Copilot messaging and energize employees by reaching them in the channels they use most often—email, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Viva Engage. And we’ve designed the new Copilot Deployment Kit in Viva Amplify specifically to help you launch Copilot campaigns with ease. Your corporate communications team, your change team, or your early champions can use pre-built campaign templates to drive awareness, and help employees learn what it can do for them. It comes with pre-drafted content, videos, guides, and publications that can easily be customized and sent to help users learn about Copilot. And in the reporting tab, you have rich campaign analytics to understand engagement and where to make improvements.  

Grow the Copilot conversation through community

Fostering leadership communications and AI champions in your organization can also help accelerate Copilot adoption. Viva Engage can enable leaders and community champions to share strategy, learnings, and experiences broadly with their organization. In the coming weeks, Viva Engage will add built-in capabilities to help you accelerate adoption, where admins can enable a new custom-made Copilot community with one click that launches an onboarding checklist, recommends pre-seeded content and conversation starters, and supports dynamic community membership based your organization’s existing Copilot licensing allotment.  

Corporate communicators or community managers can build campaigns for Copilot based on what people are talking about, so the conversation remains relevant and reaches the right people. As people post comments, Copilot can help draft responses and provide analytics around engagement, trending topics, reach, and sentiment. And people can use Answers in Viva to ask questions and find Copilot knowledge and resources around the organization. The new Intelligent Importer—now generally available—makes it easy to generate and add your own question-and-answer for this community to support commonly asked questions.  

And lastly, new network analytics include detailed engagement metrics and theme extraction to show what’s trending and what’s top of mind for employees across all communities. 

Gain a deeper understanding of AI readiness, adoption, and impact

Innovative companies and early adopters keep up with their Copilot deployment by engaging employees through the journey, that includes continuously seeking employee feedback and making the right adjustments to manage a successful rollout. In addition to using Viva to measure organizational-wide employee engagement on your AI transformation strategy, we’re introducing new research-backed Microsoft Copilot Impact survey templates in Viva Glint and Viva Pulse designed to gauge sentiment on how Copilot is impacting employees while benchmarking those insights against industry research. The survey results will integrate directly with the Copilot Dashboard so that talent and business leaders can see the data in a unified view. Questions will include:

  • Quality: Copilot helps improve the quality of my work or output.
  • Effort: Using Copilot helps me spend less mental effort or mundane or repetitive steps.
  • Speed: Copilot allows me to complete tasks faster.
  • Productivity: When using Copilot, I am more productive.

By combining workplace collaboration and behavioral insights with employee survey data, Microsoft customer, dentsu, one of the top creative media companies in the world, was able to see the direct value and productivity impact of Copilot on its workforce.

“Our recent analysis shows employees are saving at least 15 minutes, if not 30 minutes a day by using Copilot. We are seeing a noticeable shift in how they are using the technology, spending less on meetings, emails, calls, or chats, using the time they get back to focus on deep work without interruptions and to invest in their teams.

—Kate Slade, Director of Emerging Technology Enablement at dentsu

Start using Microsoft Viva to help you drive Copilot adoption today

We invite you to discover the full capabilities of Microsoft Viva and the Copilot Dashboard as we prepare for the future of work together. Reach out to your Microsoft account team to get started today. 

To learn more about Microsoft Viva and how it can help you on our AI transformation journey, download our Copilot Success Kit, which includes a detailed overview on how to use each Viva app to accelerate Copilot adoption and engagement. Also, sign up for our upcoming webinar series to hear how our customers are using Viva to drive Copilot adoption and measurement.  

For the latest research insights on the future of work and generative AI, visit WorkLab.

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