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30 Apr 2024

Leveraging the power of generative AI

Oracle Hall: S9-S12 Stand: HH25

The information shared during moments that matter, such as performance evaluations and development conversations, heavily influences employee engagement and satisfaction. Generative AI–powered capabilities in Oracle Cloud HCM can help organizations shorten thetime it takes to create quality content for key candidate and employee experiences, including suggestions for goal descriptions, development advice, and performance summaries. Customers can choose to train the generative AI model to create content that aligns with their organization's style and tone.

Generative AI in Oracle Cloud HCM can

Suggest descriptions for individual and team goals to help foster greater alignment, productivity, and collaboration

Create a performance review summary by analyzing multiple data sources to help improve performance conversations and development suggestions

Draft development tips for managers to help employees succeed and progress toward their career goals

Compose recognition notes to acknowledge an employee’s success in a style matching your company culture

Draft feedback comments to help improve employee performance and engagement

Create contextual content to help guide and support employees through transactions and workflows using your choice of third-party large language model (LLM)

Present candidates a score with comparative details on multiple criteria, such as skills, job history, and education, to help them understand how well they fit a job

Enable candidates to get immediate answers in a conversational manner about the company,hiring department, benefits, and job requirements

Give candidates a summary of their best-fit capabilities and attributes for a position

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