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17 Apr 2024

Lexonis Helps Organisations Leverage AI to Build Skill and Job Taxonomies

Lexonis Hall: S9-S12 Stand: DD35
Andy Andrews
Lexonis Helps Organisations Leverage AI to Build Skill and Job Taxonomies
Leading skills-based talent management solution provider Lexonis, have recently released new tools and interfaces to enable the proper definition of skills and job taxonomies and to cut the time taken to develop them. Lexonis’ skills management solutions help organisations to overcome labour and cost overheads, provide consistency and help to overcome skills project fatigue.

Many organisations have begun to realise that short cutting the process of building a skills taxonomy with descriptions and proficiency levels leads to poor talent management practice which can affect attraction and retention rates, increase recruitment costs and poor utilisation of learning and development resources.

In the latest version of its skills management software platform Lexonis provides AI-enabled tools that can build job profiles with descriptions, key responsibility statements and map the relevant skills for success in the role. Traditionally, this process would have required several ‘job analysis interviews’ involving job role holders, managers, strategists and HR associates. Utilising the Lexonis tools a skills-based job profile can be built in seconds. With supporting skill taxonomies provided by Lexonis or the client’s own, skills are mapped and inferencing tools are used to calibrate any additional skills that may be critical for successful performance in each job role.

Taking things a step further, are there any skills missing in the client’s skill taxonomy or does the client have specialised technology skills that are not reflected in the Lexonis library? The new AI-enabled skill definition building tools in the Lexonis platform, enable creation of skills within a few minutes.

Says Lexonis CEO Andy Andrews “It is key that the jobs profiles and skill definitions generated by AI are consistent with what the client is already using, that’s the whole idea of having a skills taxonomy. Furthermore, there is so much interest currently with organisations who are looking to update and rationalise their job architecture, we feel that it is important to help these organisations to build job profiles that are not only skills-based but also utilise a consistent job model architecture. The latest release of the Lexonis platform also now enables the creation of job postings or job ads, utilising the same technology. Building a consistent, skills-based job posting has never been easier.”

One of the key features of the Lexonis toolset is support for human-in-the-loop processes to validate skill and job definitions. “This has been a distinction with the Lexonis platform. We are consultants and the tools that we build into the platform are ones that our own team members use to make it easy for client’s subject matter experts to provide feedback and validation. It means that no one can say that the skill and definitions have been designed by third party consultants and do not reflect the needs of the business. By getting the client’s own subject matter experts involved, it also means that there is real business buy-in to the process of building the jobs and job architecture” says Andy Andrews.

Lexonis will be exhibiting at the HR Technologies Exhibition on 17th and 18th April 2024 at London Excel. Visit the Lexonis stand (DD35) and get a demo of the latest Lexonis TalentScape software release and the opportunity to win a free skills strategy session with a Lexonis consultant.

About Lexonis

Lexonis help organisations world-wide implement successful talent management. Lexonis delivers skills frameworks, job taxonomies, consulting services and AI-enabled software that help organisations understand the skills they have and how to develop and deploy them. Outcomes include identifying skill gaps and learning needs, creating career development paths, and reporting on workforce capability analytics. Lexonis is a SFIA Accredited Partner and is ISO 27001-certified.

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