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02 Apr 2024

Remote welcomes Easop to demystify global equity management

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Remote welcomes Easop to demystify global equity management

Today, we're announcing some exciting news for any company using equity incentives for a globally distributed team.

Remote has acquired Easop to automate equity compensation compliance for companies worldwide.

Easop simplifies equity management for employers while making these plans more accessible for their team members. Easop by Remote will make it easier than ever for global companies to educate employees on the value of their options while eliminating the burden and confusion of the manual administration of these programs. 

Remote and Easop share a vision for simplified global employment, and this powerful combination allows Remote customers to offer equity to team members in any location. This gives ambitious global companies a significant advantage in attracting the most talented people around the world by enhancing the attractiveness of their compensation packages.    

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  • The global equity challenge
  • Why Remote and Easop make such a powerful combination

The global equity challenge

The global employment and compensation landscape is complex, especially for companies offering employee stock options programs and other equity incentives to attract elite talent. With regulations and tax implications varying by country, the need for a sophisticated but intuitive equity management solution has never been more important.

At Remote, we've always prioritized compliance and excellence. The acquisition of Easop reinforces this commitment. With Easop's technology, we're enhancing our platform's global equity management capabilities, backed by our team's extensive legal, HR, and payroll expertise.

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Why Remote and Easop make such a powerful combination

Companies around the world already use Easop to:    

  • Establish and manage global stock ownership plans without relying on costly and slow-moving external legal advice.

  • Make informed decisions regarding stock option types, taxation, and regulations through access to detailed, country-specific insights.

  • Provide employees with tailored educational resources on equity, including information on local reporting requirements and tools to monitor their equity's value from the start to potential exits.

The Easop team brings invaluable, specialized expertise and a deep passion for innovation that aligns with our mission to simplify global employment and connect the world’s best employers with the world’s most talented people. This acquisition is a major step toward realizing our vision of making global employment effortless and equitable for everyone, everywhere. 

The integration of the Easop team means Remote customers will be able to access an expanded toolkit for creating competitive compensation packages for their international workforce – including Remote’s Compensation Explorer, with global salary benchmarking data, integrated payroll, local health and retirement benefits, and now, enhanced global equity incentive support.

Find out how Easop by Remote can help you motivate employees, streamline manual admin, and make better global equity decisions. Get in touch with the team today.

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