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12 Feb 2024

What's Your Work Personality?

UKG Hall: S9-S12 Stand: EE40
What's Your Work Personality?

Working life has been on a transformative journey in recent years. As the turbulence brought on by the pandemic finally subsides and the working world attempts to settle into a different shape, business leaders are now met by a variety of challenges, from labour shortages and mass layoffs to geopolitical unrest and economic uncertainty. 

We are now seeing a shift in where people prefer to work, their preferences in how they communicate with colleagues and, on a deeper level, what motivates them. In this new future of work, people's needs are widely varied, and the modern employee has higher expectations than ever for the employee experience. 

The task of managing people through this evolving phase of work cannot be underestimated, and unforseen circumstances have historically had long-lasting impacts on the way people approach work from both sides. To address these changes, UKG commissioned a market research project to analyse the five main personality types and garner insights into how they like to work best. 

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