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19 Mar 2024

Assignment & Case Management Tool

Xpath.Global Hall: S9-S12 Stand: DD50
  • Assignment & Case Management Tool
  • Assignment & Case Management Tool
  • Assignment & Case Management Tool
Assignment & Case Management Tool Assignment & Case Management Tool Assignment & Case Management Tool

Thrive Together: HRs and Expatriates

HRs can save a lot of time that’s typically spent by addressing inquiries from assignees. Our platform empowers employees by providing direct access to the case timeline, enabling them to monitor progress and stay informed throughout the process. This self-service approach reduces the need for HR intervention while the employees stay happy and stress-free. 

Case Progress Made Simple 

Companies typically don’t have a clear view of their service providers’ activities. For example, HR departments may not know the exact status when a provider is securing a work permit for an employee. Our system addresses this issue. It enables providers to outline detailed service steps and timelines.

As a result, you gain instant insight into current tasks. You’ll have access to a task list and a visual representation of their progress, providing real-time transparency.

Speed Up Assignment Approvals

By incorporating automated approval systems, HR experts can establish streamlined approval processes for project managers by utilizing email communication. This approach can greatly expedite the process, allowing all parties involved to dedicate more attention to essential tasks.  

Tailor Perks for Your Assignment

Effectively handling compensation can become time-consuming, making it challenging to manage benefits efficiently. With our Benefit Management features, you can easily assign specific benefits to expatriates, eliminating the usual complexities. Furthermore, you have the option to create comprehensive standard benefit packages without undue frustration.