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14 Apr 2024

HR Tech Maturity Assessment

Team Wheel Hall: S9-S12 Stand: DD85

The Team Wheel Health Check is meticulously designed to align the powerful capabilities of human capital management (HCM) systems with an organisation’s specific business drivers. It identifies strategic opportunities and quick wins to optimise system performance. Recognising the unique needs of each organisation, Team Wheel offers three tailored tiers of service: Express, Premier, and Advanced. Each tier provides a comprehensive assessment across technical, change management, support, and governance dimensions, culminating in a detailed report and strategic roadmap for enhanced HCM system utilisation.

At the core of Team Wheel's Health Check is the proprietary Maturity Index. This innovative tool graphically represents an organisation's current utilisation of HCM systems, offering insights into the journey towards full potential realisation and identifying critical areas for improvement. The Health Check process, which can span up to 16 weeks for the Advanced tier, includes in-depth technical workshops, stakeholder reviews, and a collaborative approach to problem-solving, ensuring that organisations can effectively address and resolve any issues with HCM system implementation.

"HCM systems are phenomenal, but maximising their benefits requires a nuanced understanding of both the technology and the organisational context," said Andy Simpson. "Our Health Check service is about bridging that gap, ensuring our clients understand the capabilities of HCM systems and how to align them with their strategic objectives. It's about making the system work for you, not the other way around."

Team Wheel's approach emphasises partnership and commitment to working closely with clients throughout the Health Check process. This collaborative mindset, combined with Team Wheel's fixed-price offering, gives organisations cost certainty and the assurance of achieving measurable improvements in their HR system's performance.

The launch of the Team Wheel HR Tech Matruity Assessment marks a new chapter in HR technology optimisation. It offers organisations a clear path to enhancing their people experience, streamlining operations, and achieving long-term strategic goals.