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Makers Centaur Programme

Makers Hall: S9-S12 Stand: BB65
  • Makers Centaur Programme
  • Makers Centaur Programme
Makers Centaur Programme Makers Centaur Programme

In 1998 Kasparov coined the term ‘Centaur’ to describe the human/machine combination that was able to beat either man or machine in a game of chess. 

We are now entering a Centaur Economy. Those who thrive will seamlessly blend human and artificial intelligence. In line with the Makers philosophy, Centaurs is designed to build the Learning Quotient (LQ) and resilience which will allow individuals to drive their own transformational journeys.

It will equip people with an understanding of AI, risks and opportunities to enable confident use of the tools available.

Two-day Centaur Workshops for selected cohorts:

(i) learning the tools
(ii) connecting to use cases
(iii) building LQ.

Who is the programme for? 

The programme is suitable for colleagues across all functions. The learning is based on an individual's own work.

We recommended it to managers across functions as a starting point.