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Employee rewards and recognition have been around for a long time, but they haven’t changed much since the 70s. Service anniversary awards every so often, maybe a birthday mention, and the same crusty holiday party year after year make employees feel about as loyal as your favorite pen that you still can’t find. 

Enter Awardco. We’ve reimagined employee rewards & recognition into what it was always destined to become: an organization-wide operations tool that drives behavior, builds powerful teams, and helps employees feel truly appreciated. And when an employee feels cared for, they’ll care more. It’s that simple.

How do we do this? Awardco is the only employee engagement, rewards, and recognition platform to team with Amazon to provide the most powerful and flexible software for any kind of recognition program you can imagine. Service anniversaries, spot recognition, manager to employee, peer to peer, wellness programs, incentive programs, spiff programs, and so much more can all be created and administered in one easy-to-use platform. And the best part? You can use Amazon's trusted global network to show your employees how much you appreciate them by allowing them to choose rewards they actually care about—with zero markups. Millions of products from Amazon, thousands of hotels through Priceline, gift cards, event tickets, custom swag stores, custom service awards, custom gift boxes, and more provide countless options for you and your employees.

Say goodbye to an employee rewards strategy that underwhelms everyone (including you)—and take your entire organizational strategy to the next level.

Increased retention, powerful engagement, a big boost in productivity, and a fantastic base of employee health and wellness will result. Drive behavior and build culture with Awardco.


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  • Awardco announced a deepened alliance with global financial leader Deloitte that will give Awardco clients access to Human Capital consulting services for their rewards and recognition programs.
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