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Frontier Software

HR has experienced a significant shift in their alignment with broader business strategy and Frontier Software has remained focussed on the development of innovative technology to support that alignment.  HR has come a long way from its administrative roots, adapting to a landscape driven by technology and helping to ensure a business can thrive in an increasingly competitive and complex world. The HR professional is integral to developing and implementing organisational strategies and is a key to driving innovation.

An experienced and trusted provider, Frontier Software has been delivering software solutions to support HR professionals for over 40 years and has evolved and adapted in line with the complex demands of users. A comprehensive suite of fully integrated software modules, with highly configurable automation tools, ensure personalised employee interactions create the right balance for your organisation and your people. Real-time data is readily available for accurate and informed decision making and a ChatHR feature supports conversation style interactions between your employees and your HR database.

Frontier Software offers a proven HR and/or Payroll cloud-based solution and an outsourced payroll processing service for organisations of every size and from every market sector.  

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  • ichris is the foundation for our HR Software solution, on which all else depends. A browser interface that is intuitive, easy to use and delivers comprehensive HR functions. ichris provides you with a ...
  • All of the core payroll functionality you would expect from an established provider, including statutory tables and reports that are maintained through upgrades. The software is compliant with legisla ...
  • Transform your HR function by moving time intensive, administrative tasks away from HR or Payroll and directly empowering your staff. Users can view their own information, make changes (transactions), ...
  • In today’s fast-paced and competitive recruitment market, a solid onboarding approach is a business imperative. Your onboarding approach sends a powerful message to new employees long before they offi ...
  • Enjoy all the accessibility, flexibility and control of processing payroll in-house without having to allocate your staff, equipment, time and resources to manage it. And when it comes to reliability, ...
  • Easily and quickly capture attendance information and eliminate inaccuracies resulting from multiple time recording devices. This module is completely integrated with our ichris - International Compre ...


  • HR software solutions have proven to be game changers for many organisations. They offer a range of benefits that can significantly impact HR processes and overall business operations.
  • Michael Howard, Founder of Frontier Software, celebrates a 40-year milestone as provider of HR and Payroll software/services, with an ambition for Frontier Software to be a “100-year-old company”.
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