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consistent, auditable, and explainable daily decision-making

Empowering teams and individuals to make decisions is now seen as one of the most important factors motivating them to perform at work. However, that’s traditionally been easier said than done – especially if the decision requires consistency.

There is a real opportunity for forward thinking HR leaders to take the initiative and impact not just your own HR service operation but the whole organisation operating model, productivity and growth plus improve staff engagement and retention.

Come and ask us how we can help you do this!

Trellix helps individuals make better decisions. It captures the decision-making of experienced staff and orchestrates the data, so others can replicate successful outcomes.

Judgement is a human affair, requiring more augmentation than full automation. Applying the human qualities of expertise and wisdom – where ChatGPT, does not.

The business dynamics have changed: 2023 is incredibly different from 2019.

Whether you are in a commercial, public or a not-for-profit organisation, there is an impending need to become more efficient and effective – while balancing the creation of a ‘good work’ culture.

Judgment is required every day as you strive to create an organisation by design, that consistently treats people and customers fairly whilst meeting legal, compliance, safety and policy standards or obligations with full explainability and audit. Judgement is very much a human affair, albeit increasingly requiring more and more data, including probabilistic factors (machine learning – ML data).

How do we help

Our solution (method and technology) enables you to rapidly address this systemic problem (consistency of Judgement) within your own or your client’s organisation.

We support a ‘citizen’ led approach to innovation, enabling teams to own what gets produced and are confident in what we can and cannot do, to offer clients a money back guarantee.


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