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Xpath.Global is a technology platform which simplifies the international assignment process by bringing together HR professionals, expats, and service providers offering a complete, end-to-end, collaborative and transparent global mobility digital ecosystem for all actors involved in an international assignment. The solution is aimed at companies that manage a global workforce and business travellers. is composed of three main components: The for HR, Marketplace and an expatriate Mobile App (xpath.One)
The SaaS element enables HRs to streamline their global mobility process with employee management tools. Track your actual and projected costs, employee information, assignments, the delivery of the services purchased, in one single place.

Benefit from additional features such as automated Workflows, Global RFQ/Bids, Supplier Management, Case Management, A.I. Generated Templated Forms and many more.  
Through the marketplace, connect companies with vetted global mobility providers worldwide. The platform provides over +60,000 vetted services listed in over 183 countries, across areas of immigration, tax, relocation, employer of record and moving.
While ecosystem is helping customers in need of setting up a supply chain, or supporting one-off service requests, the platform also accommodates all the existing suppliers and partners of their clients, who can continue to serve them within the platform. 
The app provides support and solutions for all expat needs. The expats can manage their tax calendar, purchase mobility services, track the delivery of the services purchased on their behalf, and store and share documents as required.
The ecosystem is API ready and fully GDPR compliant.


6 Maior Șontu Street
2nd floor, district 1
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