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24 Mar 2023

The Perfect Tech to Elevate Your EVP

The Perfect Tech to Elevate Your EVP
Attracting talent is trickier than ever. With the right tech, however, you can stand out from the crowd and offer a package your candidates will struggle to turn down.


When you’re considering a candidate, are you only concerned with their core competencies? Or are you also swayed by their demeanor, their experience in other fields, their personal passions, their achievements? In short, the ‘other stuff’ that isn’t solely to do with the role? If you are, then you shouldn’t be surprised when a candidate needs more than a job description and a salary package to convince them to come on board.

But, in a post-pandemic world of hybrid work and shifting values, how can you know what to offer your candidates to make sure they pick you over another business?

Let’s dive into EVP.




What is EVP?

Your Employer Value Proposition, or EVP, is all of the things that make your business desirable as a place at which to work. It includes...


A diagram describing the elements of EVP relating to Pay & Compensation, People & Culture, Career & Purpose, Working Environment and Benefits & Perks.

This diagram isn’t exhaustive – there’s plenty more facets big and small to your EVP. But, it should give you an idea of just how many reasons someone might have to want to work at your business.

Now, how do we go about perfecting that EVP with tech?

People Analytics

The first step to knowing what potential employees might like about your business is to find out what current employees already like; there’s no point in offering subsidised gym memberships to people who’d rather stay at home and watch Netflix! Now, if you were to offer those people subsidised streaming subscriptions, that would be a different story...

Using people analytics tech can be immeasurably helpful in identifying your unique EVP. The right platforms can even help you separate your data out by demographic or department. This will mean you’ll know how to advertise a role depending on whether you’re recruiting for a Sales Executive or an IT Director, for example. Everyone will have different values, so different parts of your EVP will jump out to them!

Flexible Benefits Platforms

As you’ve seen by the diagram, an EVP goes far beyond material benefits and perks. But, we’d be lying if we said they weren’t important.

We covered these platforms in Flexible Benefits Platforms: 1000 Offerings in One, but we’ll give a brief recap here as they’re an excellent addition to any business’s EVP. Instead of offering each employee an identical benefits package, these platforms allow your teams to customise their perks to suit them. A person gets a certain allowance of credits or points, which they can then spend on subscriptions, experiences, insurance or retailers. That means you can keep gym buffs and film buffs happy with a single solution!

Careers Site

Establishing a website dedicated entirely to career opportunities is a fantastic way not only to show how valuable your business would be to your applicants, but how much you value them.

Far more than a single page tucked away on your main site, a careers site allows your applicants you explore what working life is like at your company. This gives you the opportunity to show off your entire EVP by letting them see everything you have to offer.

There are plenty of services out there that will take on the task of producing a careers site for you, tailoring it to your unique brand, values and ideal candidates.

Keeping your workplace tech up to date is a surefire way not only to help secure new employees, but to retain the talent you already have. We don’t just mean laptops of course, but the software that employees use in their roles as well as the platforms that are used company-wide. It may not seem that vital, but the statistics don’t lie...


Pie charts displaying statistics on employee satisfaction


Evolve Your EVP

Understanding your EVP and how it separates you from others in your sector is the best way to make sure you stand out to job-seekers, but it goes further.

For one thing, it will give you an edge when headhunting – why should someone do a job at your company that they’re already doing somewhere else? Because your company has top-of-the-line tools that will make that job easier.

Most importantly, however, is that it will improve the experience of the employees you’ve already got. And  there’s no better advertisement for your business than a building full of happy people.

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