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Adams Daines

Adams Daines

Founder & CEO, ADDA Infusion
Adam Daines is the CEO of ADDA, an International HR consulting firm based in the USA. He used his experience spanning the US, Europe, and Asia where he served in various leadership roles to build a business that focused on a strategic approach to HR. Over his career Adam has built HR departments from the ground up, created competency grids, efficiently formulas, implemented HRIS, led C-Suite and VP-level training and development, negotiated benefits contracts, and established the company's business-focused HR models. Most recently, Adam led a project to consolidate benefits and HR technology solutions across multiple PE funds, which resulted in significant savings and increased efficiency within people operations. Adam has the unique opportunity to work with clients from a wide range of service sectors and countries. This provides him with a different perspective on how to approach HR within an organization.