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David Willett

David Willett

Managing Director, Empowering People Group
As a true champion of work-based learning and Apprenticeships, David commenced his own career with an Electrical Engineering Apprenticeship. Progressing first into technical training and after completing his postgraduate and masters’ qualifications, developed his own successful business as an Apprenticeship Training Provider, delivering qualifications in partnership with multiple universities. A successful sale to a US backed venture capital business led David to become Commercial Director at The Open University, as a member of the Vice Chancellors executive, he played a key role in developing the commercial focus of the University, including the introduction of Degree Apprenticeships. A CEO role followed with The Further Learning Group, running a learning business across UK, Ireland Europe, and Australia. After exploring options of private equity investment, David has recently moved to be Managing Director of Learning Nexus as part of The Empowering People Group.