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Elena Antoneac

Elena Antoneac

Founder & CEO, Xpath.Global
Elena thinks of her life story as a puzzle that has been completed over the years. Each experience has brought her to where she is today. Her journey began with a scholarship to study in Belgium, offered by the Belgian Government. At the time, Romania was not yet part of the European Union, so Elena had to navigate the immigration process on her own, learning as she went. After completing her studies at Solvay Business School, she began working in a Global Mobility consultancy Dutch-based company, where she built and restructured departments from the ground up. Given her background in law, she developed a strong passion for immigration, social security and tax law. Later, Elena became an HR Executive for a large company listed on the stock exchange, where her responsibility was restructuring departments and rebuilding the company's culture. With all of these experiences, she decided to take the leap and start her own boutique consultancy legal firm, offering compliance services for the mobility industry. The company quickly became one of the most awarded firms in their area of expertise. After 13+ years of helping thousands of clients with their mobility processes, she founded xpath. global, a digital start-up company that provides a comprehensive and personalized approach to global mobility. Her background and experiences have given her a 360-degree perspective and deep understanding of immigration, tax, and relocation which is why is the perfect platform to help companies navigate the complexities of global mobility in more than 183 countries.