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Kim Stokes

Kim Stokes

Founder, Kindness for Success
After many years in a variety of generalist & specialist People & Culture roles within FMCG & Tech, Kim followed her instinct that it was time for a change. Building her experience & enjoyment of working within the development space, progression to becoming a coach felt like a natural route. What Kim didn’t expect was the visceral ‘epiphany’ that came with discovering how fulfilling coaching others could be. Maybe it’s being at the start of her own story with coaching, or perhaps it’s because she believes she has finally found ‘her place’, something that is incredibly enriching, enables her to grow every day, allows full flexibility around family life and generates an income! Now proud Founder of Kindness For Success, Kim has taken her own experiences, experiences of friends, colleagues & overall societal trends to focus her skills & natural empathy to support those feeling caught in what she describes as the ‘having it all trap’. Through her coaching business, Kim has channelled this through enabling others to discover & define success based on their own terms and craft ways to live a more balanced and meaningful life; living their all. It’s namesake is no accident, Kindness For Success is grounded in the value of Kindness & the philosophy that by extending the power of Kindness to ourselves as we do with others, we can wave goodbye to overwhelm & instead, enjoy whatever the crazy, rich, roller coaster of life has in store.