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Sam Ramsay

Sam Ramsay

Head of Experienced Hire UK&I, EY
Introducing Sam, a Talent Acquisition Leader whose career is defined by strategic innovation, transformative impact, and a series of distinguished awards recognising their contribution across various sectors. At the forefront of Experienced Hire at EY for UK&I, Sam is responsible for steering the talent acquisition strategy across a firm of 25,000 employees. Notably, EY is now ranked as 8th in the UK's Top Companies list on LinkedIn. Under Sam's visionary leadership, EY has been recognised with prestigious awards, including the RAD Awards for Candidate Experience and Innovation in 2023. She has introduced ground-breaking talent strategies at EY, including the development of a Talent Intelligence function and a Candidate Engagement team. These initiatives, designed to cultivate future talent pools, showcase Sam's forward-thinking approach to talent management. Before their current role, Sam's tenure at Balfour Beatty plc and House of Fraser was marked by significant achievements in Employer Brand and Strategic Workforce Planning, yielding numerous accolades and industry recognition. These roles underscored Sam's exceptional ability to elevate recruitment outcomes and efficiency. Adding to their impressive portfolio, in Sam's global role at Vodafone as Global Retail Talent Acquisition Manager, she was instrumental in transforming the resourcing and talent assessment across global retail operations, enhancing the recruitment framework and assessment toolkit for a workforce of approximately 50,000 in over 8,500 stores across 21 countries, significantly improving talent quality. Sam's extensive array of awards includes honours for 'Recruitment Team of the Year', 'Outstanding Impact, Transformation & Change', and specific commendations for innovation, early careers attraction, and employer brand development. As our keynote speaker, Sam brings unparalleled expertise and a proven success record, promising to inspire with visionary insights on the future of talent acquisition and strategic recruitment innovation.