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Organised by Ward Christman, Co-Founder and Ecosystem Navigator of HR Tech Alliances, the HR Technologies UK Collaboration Zone provides a dedicated space for HR technology and service suppliers to connect, learn and discuss future business opportunities.

In 2023, it played a pivotal role in facilitating connections through one-to-one business meetings, providing a platform to discuss alliances & partnerships, discover potential investment opportunities or explore M&A possibilities.

Participants can pre-schedule 20-minute face-to-face meetings with participating vendor executives, industry analysts & influencers, investors, advisors/consultants and others attending who are not in a practitioner role.

Hear from Robbie Jones

Hear from Robbie Jones

"We’re delighted to partner with HR Tech Alliances to offer attendees at HR Technologies UK access to exclusive networking and business opportunities that highlight the importance of collaboration and demonstrate how businesses can align and work better together. Connecting people to make new contacts and source the right partners and products is key to our event, and we can’t wait to see the results of these incredibly important meetings." – Robbie Jones, Event Director, HR Technologies UK
Hear from Ward Christman

Hear from Ward Christman

"We’re excited to bring the Collaboration Zone to HR Technologies UK. It will provide executives with a place to discuss collaborating with their peers to better serve their clients, and finding synergies in the services they offer to potentially become partners. We will also invite attendees to join roundtables that will explore specific trends and issues facing the HR Tech vendor community. The purpose of the Collaboration Zone is to drive efficiencies and value for both exhibitors and vendor attendees at the show. With experience organising and delivering collaboration events around the world, we’re excited to bring this program to the UK and all the vendor attendees at HR Technologies UK." – Ward Christman,  Co-Founder and Ecosystem Navigator, HR Tech Alliances


In addition to the opportunity to network with participating vendors, collaborators have the chance to participate in a programme of roundtable discussions. These are designed to provide the chance to explore talking points deeply, giving new and exciting insights to the industry's most prominent issues.

If you have any questions regarding the Collaboration Zone, or would be interested in exhibiting at HR Technologies UK, don't hesitate to get in touch today!

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